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Obesity is not limited to coloniser muricans, natives can be obese!


Has a mom (and siblings? one sister?)

Promo Card Summary

  • On god fuck white people.
  • Cosplaying a kin is just wearing your everyday outfit.


Malik Paterson

Had a one night stand but now are just friends :^)


  • Possibly a kinnie.

Team Interviews


  • They're the same age as me, so I was like: "Hey! Let's put some FOMO in there. That'll be fun." I wanted him to be a representation of mine and my friends' experiences at twenty two, and the feeling of just starting out in the world and having to balance passions with a day job.[1]
  • I want people to know that while she doesn't know her place in the world quite yet, he still has value as someone just doing his best. I want people to know that Anoki might struggle with belonging and being way too focused on things they don't have, but that they're still very driven and bold.[1]

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